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PackRat’s Super Abilities:

RADIATION- He can absorb and give off vast amounts of any type of radiation, but his main problem with this ability is he wasn’t created with it he gained it from Exposure to the Hiroshima bomb as he was in Japan at the time of the bomb drop. As it is still a new ability to him he doesn’t resort to it very often but has used it as a means of slow execution of a target via giving radiation poisoning.
ELECTRICITY- This power is not like what generally seen in comic books and cartoon shows it’s actually a very tricky power to use as it can only be used when making direct contact with an opponent on the grown. It can be used for distance attacks but only if the target is grounded and PackRat is off the ground. The power more or less works like that of an electric eel.
HEAT- This power is an emotional based power and is tied into his anger. So the madder he gets the hotter his body gets. In a full rage he can get hot enough to raise the Temperature around him enough to boil water 200 yards away. It isn’t so much his body heat goes up as he can condense and expand the molecules of the matter around him. Because he intentionally doesn't stay in-tuned to his emotions He can’t control this power. But, when he can he can actually target things and raise its heat to the point of combustion.
COLD- this ability is more or less the opposite end of his heat generation ability, but it’s controlled more by depression. It works the same way as the heat power just in reverse. It mostly works by condensing the water (any liquid really) in a given object to the point of freezing. He hasn’t ever done it but believe he could reach absolute zero, but is afraid to do so as it could kill every cell in his body if he does so.
MAGIC- the mysterious energies used by occultist to preform feats beyond scientific reasoning. Because of his energy manipulating and absorbing abilities he can channel tap into these energies giving him a slight advantage in the magical arts.
MATTER ABSORPTION and TELEPORTATION- He can convert matter into energy and save in inside his body and re-materialize it later and this is how he carries his vast arsenal of weapons on him at all times. This is also possibly how his teleportation works in that he de-materialize his own body, clothing, and weapons sends it as a pulse of pure energy flying at just under the speed of light to the location he desires. This could prove a useful ability for transportation but it takes him awhile to re-materialize his body. In his oldest memory of using this ability it took him roughly 2 weeks to pull himself back together after teleporting.

FLIGHT- His ability to fly isn’t more than glorified lavation anti-gravity generation giving him lift. The small dove like red wing on his ankles (a possible leftover feature from having either a Seraphim or Hermes’s DNA) are used for movement and momentum in the air.

An ADVANCED HEALING FACTOR- This is one of his greatest abilities. He can survive any injury and can completely regenerate from a few surviving cells. The only problem with the ability is unlike in the comic books it takes time for it to take effect. A severed limb can take up to a few weeks to a month to regenerate enough to be useful again. In other words a missing limb is like a broken bone to a regular person.

Extra Internal Organs- He has a number of extra organs in his body such as but not limited to 5 kidneys, 3 livers, 2 hearts, 4 lungs, a 3rd hidden eye, 3 stomachs, an additional 9’ 6” of small intestines, 2 tongues, 2 larynx, a 2nd spinal cord with brain stem, 5 testicles, 2 pancreas, 2 bladders, and 3 brains (The one in his head that’s used like any other brain, 1 housed in his pelvis that’s used to control his tail, and the 3rd is hidden inside is right arm as a limited back up for his memories.)

KNOWLEDGE of the OCCULT- he has met and worked along side many magic practitioners such as Mary LeBeau and Harry Houdini. He doesn’t know many actual casting spells as much as how to undo or avoid them from a magic based combatant. He’s read and knows many old texts like that of the Necronomicon.

POISONOUS BREATH- Because of another left over genetic trait 1 of his lungs produces a toxic gas that’s equivalent of mustard gas and cyanide mixed together. He can control this and chose when to exhale the gas stored in this lunge.

A 4ft INDESTRUCTIBLE and SUPER-STRONG ARM- His entire right arm is made of an Unknown Green Diamond-Hard-Chrystal-like-Substance. Because of this arm he is given a form of immortality as it’s nearly completely indestructible and houses a crystalline brain that works like an organic backup hard-drive. It is used to save a limited amount of memory. Because of this and his healing factor he can completely regenerate himself if his body is destroyed.

CYBERNETIC PROSTHETIC ARM- Thanked to a past battle with someone a being more powerful than himself he lost his left arm and it was cursed in away that it would never grow back beyond the point it was cut. So even if the entire side of his body was destroyed and regenerated the arm would only heal to a certain point. The replacement arm is an advanced prosthetic with heightened strength and speed.

LYCANTHROPE- He transforms into a wererat on nights with a new moon but it’s completely involuntary. It’s another leftover genetic heritage and ironically the only time he can regenerate his missing arm, but it’s only temporary till the new moon is over. In this state he has zero control over his self and will try kill and eat any thing in front of him like any normal werebeast, but unlike a normal lycanthrope he’s still got most of his base power just doesn’t use them as often in this form.

A 7.5FT SUPER-STRONG TAIL- His tail is a long and super stretchable reptilian like appendage that he can control and use like an extra appendage. The ones in it are very flexible and impossible to break.

CHLOROPHYLL SKIN and PHOTOSYNTHESIS- His green skin is due to every cell has chlorophyll in it and it gives him the ability to feed of direct sunlight through photosynthesis like most common leaf plants.

ABSORBING WATER and OXYGEN- his skin also works like a frog’s in that it can take in water and/or oxygen through the pours. So, he can go days with out a drink of water or spend long periods underwater without a breath of air.
WATER MANIPULATION- This ability is mostly a mixture of his absorbing, heat, and cold based powers in that he can condense the water in the air or from within his own body and create water from out of nowhere. Then he can heat it up again to create steam or fog to cloak him. He can also condense it to the point of creating ice and dry ice from the Carbon dioxide in the air.

He has collected many ancient and mystical weapons to add to his powers. Such as:

KUSANAGI-NO-TSURUGI- The magic dragon slaying sword of Japanese legend it can cut through almost any surface except other magical items or any living creature of pure intentions and/or heart. The problem with this is that PackRat isn’t a trained swordsman so he has accidentally cut threw the wrong things.
DURENDAL- the French indestructible sword that once belonged to Hector of Troy its only real power is its completely invulnerable so it can’t be broken other than that it’s just a very nice and sharp sword.
EXCALIBUR- The famous sword of Arthurian legend that King Author pulled from the stone It’s magic ability is like that of the Spear of Longinus but weaker. It give’s it bearer invulnerability as long as it in there hands, but because PackRat is as stated before an untrained sword fighter it’s easy for any swordsman jus under a master’s ability to take it away from him. It can also be used to bind or hold someone in place by stabbing it into them or their shadow and sticking it threw and into the ground. After this has been done only someone of Nobel or royal blood can free them, but because of this it‘s only weakness is that some that is of blood kin to the bearer of the sword can harm them. The only reason PackRat can do this and handle the sword is because it’s believed he has some of Author’s DNA in his system.
ÆGIS- The shield lent to Perseus by Athena it is suppose to be unbreakable but that really isn’t true it can simple reflect back an attack but only if it is hit dead sinter.
HOUDINI’s HAT- An old top hat worn by the famous stage magician and escape artist It has the power to enhance the magic abilities of whomever wears it and also gives them the ability to escape any trap or prison.
ODIN's DRAUPNIR- The magic ring given to the leader of the Norse gods Odin by the dwarves it has no actual combat uses it just replicates itself every night. Actually at exactly 9:05 pm in Sweden.
MJöLLNIR- The famous all powerful weapon of the Norse god of thunder Thor that was also given to him by the dwarves. It give who can handle it’s power the ability control lightening strikes and what ever it hits is normally struck by lightening at the same time. The weapon really isn’t complete as Thor used iron gloves and a strength enhancing belt when he used it. The only reason PackRat can use it is because of the strength and invulnerability of his right arm.


PR:[I'm] a green skinned giant rodent-like-creature that works as a hero-for-hire, a hit-man, a bounty-hunter, a body-guard, and on increasingly rarer occasions, an assassin.  [I'm] a genetic mixture of different mythological creatures and heroes from all around the world, but can't recall when [I] was made as [my] oldest memory is the last time [I] died.  [I] struggle with Sadistic Personality Disorder mostly in the form of intentionally injuring and maiming [my] targets.  [I] also poses Body Dysmorphic Disorder in the form of hating [my] own face to the point [I] never of [my] own free-will removes [my] mask.  As to date [I] only allow one person to remove [my] mask in private, Angelik. [I'm] assisted by [my] manager and weapons-smith Bradley O'Brien.

What is your real name?
PackRat:I don't know if I got one I normally use fake aliases like one of my favorites was Wilhelm-Johann, but for the most part it is PackRat!
What are your three most popular nicknames?
PR:PR for shorten version of my regular name, but I've been called many things over the years but most of them all come down to simply "The Rat" in different languages!
What is your favorite animal?
PR:Do I keep animals?  Yes!  What?  A single black cat!  But, I have owned everything from alligators to zebras at some point!  But I absolutely HATE scorpions!  Those things are just too.... *shudder* for me!
Do you know what type of animal/race of human/mythical species you are?  What kind?
PR:Vaguely!  Last I learned I was engineered as a test-tube-baby by somebody at some point... It depends on who you ask...  I count as a mutate, a chimera, a homunculus, or a giant anthropomorphic rodent...  other than that I DON'T care!
Taken or single?
PR:I'm a swinger, baby!  Ee-yeah!!!   But, I do keep a mate in the form of Angelik!
Family members?
PR:It depends on what do you mean!?  As in do I have the traditional family?  No I don't!  Do i have relatives?  Technically yes I do as I share at least .00001% genetic markers with most known life forms!  Do I keep a group around I protect and "enjoy" like a family?  Again, technically yes...
What is your favorite pastime?
PR:A few things!  Violence, movies, TV, books, comics, music, females, murder, mayhem, chaos, intercourse, torture, swimming, billiards, flying, voyeurism, extortion, hunting, research, pornography, archaeology, cooking, bathing, exfoliating, exploitation, ect...  more of the same old same old!  The same things as most sentient beings!
Time to get more wacko and personal… are you intimidated?
PR:Nothing intimidates me anymore unless I'm convince it could actually hurt me!
Have you ever harmed or killed anyone?
PR:N-nooo.... I just listed all that stuff up above because I DOn't like to DO it!  Oh sooo MANY bodies I've seen...
Do you drink often?
PR:I drink quite a bit but due to my healing factor it's near impossible for me to get drunk!
Do you smoke often?
PR:I like an occasional cigar after a job!
What is your most recent wish?  If you could accomplish one thing for yourself or someone else, anything at all, what would it be?  Tell me something that desire that you can't accomplish by yourself; something that someone else has to do for you.  What is the one thing you desire above all else as of today?
PR:To gain or become the most powerful weapon(s) in the world!  I've gathered many of the biggies but not my Holy Grail the Spear of Longinus or a Power-Ring like out of the Green Lantern comics!  With that kind of power I'd be able to do anything and pretty much who ever hires me would rule the world!
Hair color? Eyes? What you usually wear?
PR:I qualify as a Strawberry Blonde, but it's more orange-ish in color most the time!
My eyes are Green, but my pupils are tented reddish/pink...  I think that's due to I might technically be an Albino!   It's hard to tell!
Starting at the top and working my way down, on the average working-day; I wear my top-hat, my custom leather gimp mask, a collar, sometimes I wear a necklace, a harness that holds my pouches and holsters for my weapons, gloves, a gold ring, my prosthetic arm, cargo shorts, a large belt, my sidearm, a knee-pad/brace for my gimpy knee, boots(sometimes with spurs), and my hidden boot knife!  Other than that I do like a nice leisure suit, smoker's jacket or Hawaiian shirt, or tux!

What is your worst weakness?
PR:Most of my natural abilities are based in real physics!  So if I try to release an electrical discharge and I'm on the ground I gotta be touching my combatant or I'll just end up shocking the piss out of my own self!  Also my healing factor is slow!  I can recover from most any injury and can take a lot of damage but I heal only slightly faster than a normal human or animal!  I'll put it this way a lost limb to me is like a broken arm or leg to the average douche-bag!  And, I'm not super strong or bullet proof!  Also, I'm not good with a lot of people and I got a temper!
Religion or beliefs?
PR:I don't worship anything or anyone!  But I do fallow the Norse and Lovecraftian folk-lore(s)!
Which class you belong to?
PR:I don't know what you mean by that but I'll assume you mean social classes and in that case I'm like... Lower-Middle-Class! If you mean power class... I think I'm almost a Psi level!?
Describe to me your most prized possession.
PR:My collection of many ancient and mystical weapons to add to my powers. Such as: Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi [link] , Durendal [link] , Excalibur [link] , Perseus & Athena's shield [link] , Houdini's hat [link] , Odin's Draupnir ring [link] , Mjöllnir [link] , Pecos Bill's pistol [link] , and many others I keep hidden away.
How do you think you'll die/how did you die?
PR:I'd probably have to be hurtled into the heart of the sun to pertinently die!

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