Bouguereau's Penelope Picture

(im not sure about the Category, but here it goes anyway xD)

I've known Bouguereau about 1 week ago, surfing on the net, and i loved his art; I wanted to draw mythologic characters but i started with something easier: drawing a Bouguerau's painting in manga style Its an awsome art exercise, and im going to practice it even more drawing another paintings my way.

What do you think of the final results? I changed the colors and the background, transforming a tree into a blue sky.
Original painting by William-Adolphe Bouguereau >> [link]

:: Lineart - china ink, Colors - Corel Painter IX + tablet

EDIT: Penelope's a mythological character indeed xD... she married Ulisses ^^ when the war started in Troy, he went to fight and she waited him all alone. Many men tried to marry her in his abscence; Penelope swore she would marry someone after finishing a weaver's job. However, she worked all day long and, in the night, she pulled the wool strings, destroying everything she had done - so, she would never marry anyone but Ulisses
(sorry for my poor english i.i)
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