Spetsnaz Alfa Red Berets Picture

Meet one of the T.A.S.K Force's Paratroopers: Spetsnaz Alfa Red Berets

It reminded me as I kept dreaming about it and I thought "Why not put fictionous Spetsnaz team for the T.A.S.K Force Paratroopers?" I thinked myself and foud one: the Slavic Dragons and other mythical creatures from Eastern Europe and so I did, you can see on my artwork.

Two characters that I draw in the past before I joined deviantArt are from two different teams. Isabella Romanov (next to Capt. Dragunov) was a member of the Red Star Force as the Red Thief but now she's a Spetsnaz member as hinted on her profile. Next behind her is Igor Spatziki (the Man-bat with a red bandana and carries the machine gun) was a memberof Unit Biohazard Squad. However, it was too complex to add one of the former mercenaries of General Zott so instead I added him into as the Spetsnaz heavy gunner and add a little profile relation with Commander Grego Batinski.

Also, I added Elite Force Lightstorm's main rival so I did while the Red Star Force is the main rival of Ace Soldiers. And hey, this is not the only team who has rivals, there are so many team who has rivals, some friendly rivals and some rival that they have to get along. For example: Dragoon Valor Knight is the friendly rival of Orc Marauders; Basilisk Guardsmen is the rival of Royal Guardsmen of Troy; and Dragon Caribbean is th rival of Dragon Pirate.

So I hope you'll enjoy my artwork. Dasvidanya!


Leader: Captain Zemy Dragunov
Alignment: Federation Front
Allies: Soul Scythe, Falcon Union, Red Star Force, Ace Soldiers (rival) and Elite Force Lightstorm (main rival)
Enemies: Warlords
Location: Russia

From conscriptors to the harderned and battered soldiers, these Spetsnaz elite are fighting for their country and motherland against the rebel terrorist armed forces from the Warlords.

Captain Zemy Dragunov
Leader of the Alfa Team. He was trained and survived the brutal military training at the gulag with his physical strength and psychic powers. He's the main rival of Captain Lightstorm.

Captain Ivan "Grizzly" Nestiski
Dragunov's partner and the mighty man-bear super soldier. He nicknamed "Grizzly" because he can crush his enemies with his paws and overwhelming strength.

Sergei Volken
The Wolfen veteran soldier who rescued the hostages from the rebels' hideout in the snowy forest, all by himself after he lost his men. He's the team assault soldier.

Grigori "Spatz" Spectroski
The Anthro-Vampire Bat who was the part as special airborne unit and survives the ambush as the last surviving member of his former unit. Then he stole one of the rebel's vehicles and modified after he escapes from the jungle. He's the team's engineer and carries with RPK with double barrel ammunitions.

Victor Esoxi
The Aquatoid-like Northern Pike who is the best saboteur in the world. He infiltrated the rebel submarine and destroyed the entire forces single-handedly. He carries his special rifle and the first underwater assault rifle, the APS (Avtomat Podvodnyy Spetsialnyy) Underwater Assault Rifle.

Igor Spatziki
The Anthro-Spectral Bat who was the mercenary for hire now a Spetsnaz soldier. Rumor has it that he survived the jungle warfare after he realized the true betrayal of General Gregor Zott since he met Commander Grego Batinski. He's the team's heavy gunner.

Mikhail Napalmski
The Dragonkind-like Chavase Dragon or the Fire Snake who burned down the rebels' headquarters in the city, all by himself. He and his comrade, Nikolai, are the Napalmski Brothers (a unit of flame soldiers) and the friendly rival of Volcano.

Nikolai Napalmski
The Dragonkind-like Yilbegan (a Siberian Dragon) carries out to burn every rebel in his way since he burned the entire rebel camp. He's a cousin of Mikhail and the friendly rival of Napalm.

Isabella "Crystal" Romanova
The sexy female Anthro-Spectral Bat and professional thief and assassin of the team. She was a member of the Red Star Force until she was transferred secretly by the government after she discovered former founder's evil and corrupt plans.

Soyuz Krustovski
The Anthro-Fruit Bat who was born from urban city when he discovered the rebels' cell at old downtown and tipped off the authorities. After he managed to escape from the rebel's stronghold, he was recruited by Captain Dragunov for his skills of locksmith and scouting.

Dimitri Dvuglavyyorel
The Avian-like Russian Eagle who is the team's weapon expert and one of the Double-Headed Eagle Unit. He carries the modernization of PPSh-43.

Andrei Dvuglavyyorel
The Avian-like Russian Eagle who is the team's observer and one of the Double-Headed Eagle Unit. He carries PP-90.

Lev Stovinsky
The Russian Dragonkind who went in separate ways but he sticks with his comrade, Rafik, in their unit. Now he and his friend reunited with Captain Dragunov as their "the Boss", leader of the Gorynych Brothers while he was called as "the Brain." He's one of Zmey's old friends back from gulag and the team's supporter as well he has the ability to confuse the enemy by duplicating himself.

Rafik Kruchevsky
The hulking Russian Dragonkind who got the iron muscle and one of the old friends from the gulag. He and Rafik went together from their unit now reunited with Captain Zmey's Gorynych Brothers as "the Brawn." He's the team's anti-material and rocket soldier as he carries modified AK-12, mixed with KSVK 12.7, RPG-7 and RPO-A Schmel.

Natasha "Fox" Mistanova
The Anthro-Vixen who survived the bombardment from the rebel base in her home city and lived in the wilderness. After she killed the rebel commander, she was recruited by the army and trained as a soldier for Captain Dragunov's elite. She's the team's scout.

Kristina Grisinova
The Kikimora who was taken by the KGB as a orphan after the raid was accorded at orphanage. Unexpected, she causes disturbance at the base but also alerting them for incoming attack from terrorist rebels. At her adult age, she was recruited by Captain Dragunov for her mystic power to cause the distraction and as their team's trap master.

Vladimir Volgograd
The Dragonkind-like Zilant (a Russian Wyvern) is the commander of his unit who carried out his task by eradicating the rebel terrorist hideouts, anywhere in the country. He carries his lance and shield and the old rival of Elite Force Lightstorm's Commander Aaron Brightwing.

Alexei Novgorod
The Avian-like Great Horned Owl is a legendary war hero who killed the rebel general, rescued the hostages at from the opera house to the airliner and shut down the missile. He's the old rival of Commander Leo Harold.

Themed with Spetsnaz. Captain Zmey Dragunov is named after the Slavic Dragon and the SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle as well he, Lev and Rafik's appearances. Captain Ivan Nestiski, Dimitri and Andrei are based on the national animals of Russia. The bats are the symbols from the Spetsnaz GRU. Kristina Grisinova's appearance is Kikimora, one of the mystical being from the Slavic Mythologies.
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