Taut canvas Picture

"Insomnia. Homer. Taut canvas."

Insomnia. Homer. Taut canvas.
Half the catalogue of ships is mine:
that flight of cranes, long stretched-out line,
that once rose, out of Hellas.

To an alien land, like a phalanx of cranes -
Foam of the gods on the heads of kings -
Where do you sail? What would the things
of Troy, be to you, Achaeans, without Helen?

The sea, or Homer - all moves by love's glow.
Which should I hear? Now Homer is silent,
and the Black Sea thundering its oratory, turbulent,
and, surging, roars against my pillow.

Osip Mandelshtam

photo by: Rhein
model: Manguste

M: donno...Ancient Greeks are just haunting me lately! Or mythological consciousness is crying for being shown through civilization layer? Watch the structure: the closed horizon - as a symbol of ancient cyclic type of perception; diagonals are like soft flowing Homeric epos. Full of streaming blood, we'll raise our brimmers to you, oh woman! - is echoing through centuries (i'm being romantic! Gosh...*comes with a bar of chocilate -- gonna fix it*
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