Helene Flag Picture

Helene is a moon of Saturn. It was discovered by Pierre Laques and Jean Lecacheux in 1980 from ground-based observations at Pic du Midi Observatory. In 1988 it was officially named after Helen of Troy, who was the granddaughter of Cronus (Saturn) in Greek mythology. The moon is also designated Saturn XII (12), a number which it received in 1982, under the designation Dione B, because it is co-orbital with Dione and located in its leading Lagrangian point. It is one of four known trojan moons.

I took my Dione flag and change it only slightly. I enlarged the yellow band in the middle and also the Saturn icon. I moved the Dione symbol into the corner, added a picture of Helen of Troy I found on dA and just to make it clearer, I added a Trojan Horse in the corner.
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