Rani Padmini's tale Picture

A part of Chittorgarh Fort, locals say Rani Padmini stood on these steps when Alauddin Khilji saw her reflection..

History of Chittorgrah: [link]

The spot from where Khilji was allowed to see the mirror reflection of the beauty standing on the stairs is still there and well preserved. A small pond separates Padmini’s palace, which stands intact amidst it. In the gent’s portion overlooking Padmini’s palace, a mirror was strategically fixed at such an angle so that Khilji could see only the mirror reflection of Padmini without being able to see the real Padmini, standing below on the staircase. The wall of the window obstructed the direct view of the spot where Rani Padmini stood downstairs without her realising of being watched.

Unfortunately for the Rajputs, the glimpse of Padmini increased Khilji’s passions, and like the face of Helen of Troy in Greek mythology, which launched thousand ships to burn the topless towers, Padmini’s face too launched a fierce war which culminated is Padmini’s jauhar alongwith others. While Bhim Singh led the orange clad noblemen out to their inevitable martydom it is believed that Padmini committed jauhar in one of the underground cellars in Rana Kumbha’s palace, now in ruins, the biggest monument in the fort.
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