Diros Caves Picture

The caves of Diros are situated south of Areopoli on the Mani Peninsula, Laconia, Greece.

The cave of Glyphada is regarded as one of the most beautiful lake caves in the world. In its interior fossil animals have been discovered that existed 2 million years ago. The caves were discovered in 1955 by a dog that crawled through a hole into the caves and returned several days later coated in red clay. Fortunately, its owner, spelunker Anna Petroclides, was curious about the red clay and followed her dog when it next set off on explorations. What she found was a vast network of caves, of which some 5 km (3 miles) have now been explored.
The caves themselves are impressive, but what made them famous are the Paleolithic and Neolithic remains found here. In short, the Caves of Diros are one of the oldest inhabited spots in Greece. The pottery, bone tools, and even garbage found here have shed light on Greece's earliest history.

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