Lord of the City Picture

"in the first flush of life, only a baby,
Hector's son, the darling of his eyes
and radiant as a star...
Hector would always call the boy Scamandrius,
townsmen called him Astyanax, Lord of the City,
since Hector was the lone defense of Troy.
and raising his son he kissed him, tossed him in his arms,
lifting a prayer to Zeus and the other deathless gods:
"Zeus, all you immortals! Grant this boy, my son,
may be like me, first in glory among the Trojans"

-The Iliad (Robert Fagles translation), 6.473-569


This is from the epic Greek tale of the Trojan War, specifically from The Iliad, (traditionally) by Homer.

This quote is from my favorite scene in The Iliad. It really humanizes Hector, which keeps your sympathy for him even after seemingly endless descriptions of him spearing Achaean soldiers in the guts. The woman, of course, is Hector's wife Andromache. d'awww, such a happy family >w<

Long description is long. Believe it or not, this is the only sketch I've had time to do since I uploaded my last one. Ugh, college.
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