The Helen of the High Wire Picture

Sophie Fevvers, the (literally) Half-Swan Heroine of the 1984 Angela Carter Novel 'Nights at the Circus' (not to be confused with the recent Erin Morgensten novel 'The Night Circus).

A performer at Coloneal Kearny's travelling circus, Sophie experiences many adventures and events in search of her true identity as she travels from London to Russia and even Siberia. I'm currently at the 3rd act of the book where she arrives in Siberia.

The title of the deviation is derived from the nickname the people at the circus give her at the beginning because of her performance act and the fact she is half swan, making them think she is like 'Helen of Troy' of Greek mythology who was born to Spartan Queen Leda, but fathered by Zeus who was in the form of a swan.

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