Interlude to Discord Picture

I promised no more Greeks Legends. But I can't resist it. So I incorporated a little kick to this. A bit more modern.

She's my favorite goddess, Eris. The goddess of mischief and discord. My sister, ~ShinTenshi liked Hecate. -___-; Now we're both underworld dieties' fans.

I played her once in a masquerade ball. ~mingming07 played Athena. XD I made black wings and made a golden apple with Καλλίστῃ (Kallisti or "to the fairest one" in ancient Greek script). I still have the apple in a real fruit basket with real fruits like a Pinocchio apple wishing to be real someday lol.

Athena, Hera and Aphrodite are in the background. The hidden panel is for Paris.

Song: Frostbite - Oh Land
Media: 3H, 2H, H Staedtler pencils, 3B Colleen, 2.0mm Mech. pencil and some PS7
Muse: Howell Jenkins - Howl's Moving Castle
(I don't know why...;___; )

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