Otaku Senshi Meme: Stellavia Picture

As I usually say, when in artblock, do a meme!

This Otaku Senshi meme is no longer available on dA, but if anyone wants the clean version I could provide a PSD or a JPEG of it. Just make sure to credit ~KuaKness with the original meme.


Panel 1: Yes, I changed her name again. "Lyssa" is Greek, meaning "noble" or "truth" and I found it appropriate for a prophetess/oracle. Yes, I love Greek mythology. Go Delphi, woo!

Panel 2: When I drew this one, I still hadn't designed her staff, which appears in silhouette in panel 5. But hey, what do ya do?

Panel 3: Wibbly Lyssa is wibbly. XD Stellavia has no team, but she does latch onto whatever group of Senshi is nearby, and since this is Crystal Tokyo...... Oh, and did you notice the subtle hair-color-change between panels? If you did, here's a cookie.
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