The Demon and the Tiger Picture

Of all the characters that I have, the two that you see before you are the most important to me. These two are not just characters. They are a representation of me.

Kyrell represents my Chinese astrological sign, the tiger. I was born in the Year of the Tiger, 1974. If you add the elements into it, then I am a Wood Tiger. Kyrell also represents the voice of reason, my “angel” so to speak. The good side.

Samael is the side of my well-being that loves chaos. The Demon. The side of me that says “fuck everything.” Just do it and damn the consequences. I chose to visualize him as a minotaur, because the minotaur was always a favorite of mine among mythological creatures.

After I came up with Samael, and his reference sheet done, I knew that I eventually wanted him and Kyrell drawn together in a piece that showed them standing together, ready to combat the masses. With my 40th birthday approaching, I asked Onyxavia to draw it up for me.

Kyrell is dressed in samurai attire and holding a katana. The reason for that is that my first name, Troy, means “soldier.” Those that have been following me long enough, know that I am an US Army veteran. I am proud of my time in the military, and I will always support those in the military. Also, I have always enjoyed martial arts action movies. One of my all-time favorites is [i]Shogun Assassin[/i], featuring Lone Wolf and Cub.

Samael is dressed in his demonic armor and wielding the Blood Scimitar. This is the sword that was given to him by Lilith, the Queen of all Succubi and Incubi. It was Lilith who transformed him into the demon he is now, and therefore Samael considers her his mother. Based on the Spartan short sword from the movie “300”, Samael can make the sword have a maximum length of four feet and still swing it with one hand. The kilt that Samael is a nod to Scottish warriors, of which Samael admired in his past life.

Good and Evil. Chaos and Order. Yin and Yang.

Each one of us have these things. And whether we acknowledge it or not, it is a neverending battle. Trying to keep the scales balanced evenly.

Thanks to everyone that follows me, and I appreciate all the birthday wishes.


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