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Biographical Information

Full Name [& Pronunciation] - Ivory Alice Boone / ((I-VOR-E, AL-ICE, BOO-N))
Meaning - Ivory “Form of itself”, Alice “Noble kind; of the noble sort”, Boone “Good”
Set Age - Sixteen
Certified Birthdate - April 30th
Astrological Sign - Taurus with an Aries cusp
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames - Ivy, Jersey Girl, and Boone

* Ivy, called so by everyone, initially given by father
* Jersey Girl, called so by Townies due to her actually being from New Jersey, it was initially given to her by Gurney.
* Boone, called so by the Jocks, most sports-groups call others by their last names, unnoted why this is done.


Distant Descendants
* Native American

Dominant Descendants
* English

Family Ties

Parents Names-
* Regan Boone (father)
How do they get along: Ivory idolizes her father for all she remembered of how he cared for her and her siblings. You could say she was closer to him than she ever was and will be with her mother.

* Madeline Boone (mother)
How do they get along: Poorly, Madeline has, ever since his death, tried to replace Regan and Ivory hates her for it.

Siblings -
* Lily Boone (older sister)
How do they get along: Her relationship with her sister is a bit hazy, Ivory was always seen with her brother rather than Lily this could be because she was frequently out of the country.

* Kane Boone (older brother)
How do they get along: He takes much pride in saying Ivory is his younger sister, mostly because she is just like him. There has been many occurrences where he would show her off to his friends and take her partying. The two of them still tease and make jokes often about each other but it isn't ever anything serious.

Is there still contact with their Relatives while at Bullworth? : Other than her brother and journal entries to her mother, no.
Family’s Wealth Status: Wealthy
Why?: Madeline, Ivory's mother, over took Regan's position as head Bontanist at a Health Clinic. She now oversees Medical Care to sick patients and helps with growing and harvesting herbs for all the different types of medicine. However her field is Medical Marijuana and she mostly spends her time tending the thousands of plants within the Clinic.

Physical Description

Hair Color - Sandy Blond, often gets root touch-ups at the Final Cut Barber Shop in New Coventry.
(Tries to keep her hair up for the most part, its required by the school if your hair is longer than shoulder length.)

Eye Color - Dark Brown
Weight - 151.00/even
Height - 5’7
Figure/Build: Rugged, Thick

Typical Clothing Wear –

* The Dress-Code requires Bullworth friendly attire. Currently she is wearing a standard white button-up under it a school shirt with the sleeves rolled, both these to market her attendance at the school. Other added features such as khaki shorts and converse are allowed.

* Separate essential, or needed outfits, Winter, Gym, Formal, Halloween Costume, Pajamas, and Casual Wear. Again all needed for different occasions. (Picture is given above for these outfits)

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks - Birthmark on her left thigh. Good amount of Scars on her back.
Explain: Her scars were caused by being pushed through a sliding glass door at a party.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Bullworth Academy
Originated from - New Jersey
Traveled Territories - Different U.S States
Hobbies – Graffiti/Tagging and Napping
Fears – Ivory comes off strong and fearless by the way she talks and acts but in all actuality she has a constant fear of winding up alone. This has only ever been expressed to Ricky Pucino.

Religion/Beliefs –

*Currently: She has faith, but no religious views or outlooks.

Why?: Ivory has always lacked the interest in getting involved with religious affairs.

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/Disabilities/Issues - Frequent Nose Bleeds, (after breaking her nose a lot, and refusing to get surgery, it never healed properly, this provokes Ivory to have heavy amounts of nose bleeds.)

Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other] : Smoking both marijuana and cigarettes.
If so, why? : Her older brother and his friends influenced her into such things, naturally she does it now because she likes it. Madeline, after learning later on that her daughter had picked up smoking offered her countless extra buds as an attempt to bond them. Ivory selfishly used and still uses Madeline for such purposes.

Chronological Information

Profession - Bullworth Student on school days, every other weekend: dunk-tank volunteer at the town Carnival.
Any reason for particular job? – No, she needs money for different things.

Likes – Hot Showers, Neon Spray-Paint, Cooking, Basketball, Nature Walks, Snow Days, Carnival Rides, Scented Candles, and BMX Biking (she mostly just watches the greasers in the BMX Park)

Dislikes – Humid Weather, Warm Drinks, Gum and Overdue Homework.

Goals/Ambitions – She's given up on trying to achieve anything to do with setting herself up for the future. Not knowing what will become of her in the future worries Ivory often.

Weapons/Equipments - Bats, Textbooks, Rubber-bands, Itching Powder, Marbles (unlisted), and Spray Paint. (These are items she just keeps equipped the most)

Personal Attributes

Personality -
* Pros: Persistent, Patient, Tough, Focused, Sensual, Realistic, Steady, Loyal, Generous, Friendly, Loving, Reliable and Tenacious.
* Cons: Stubborn, Rigid, Jealous, Resentful Possessive, Spiteful, Materialistic, Inflexible and Lazy.

Strengths –
*Extremely loyal to close friends even just people in general.
* Very grounded to make smart decisions.
*Common sense is thick to boot and she shares it with others often.
*Despite her cold quiet demeanor Ivory loves to console and help people.

Weaknesses –
*Lack of interest in school causes bad grades.
*Reckless temper and pent up aggression.
*Negative to a fault and often causes distress on her friendships.
*Tends to be emotionally unstable when she is taken from her comfort zone.

Good Habits – Being practical and logical about advice, Organized with things and appearance.
Bad Habits – Heavy sleeper, addictive personality and often blunt with her words.
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors – When nervous or worried she’ll unknowingly bight her bottom lip until it breaks open, hence why she always has a split lip.

As you know them better(and you hate them) : Lazy, Stubborn, Fake
As you know them better(and you like them) : Laid-back, Dignified, Selfless

Reasoning: People often mistake Ivory's laid-back personality as a means she is just a lazy person. She is very big on self-respect and having a lot of dignity and she comes across as stubborn instead. And as far as her selflessness, Ivory is always willing to help people in need regardless if she likes them or not, she just enjoys helping people. However most of the time it appears that she is just sucking up to people, pretending to be nice.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 4/10
As a bully she is nearly expected to be strong in terms of some sorts even though most of the fights she is in she starts herself. Usually guys go against fighting with her until she antagonizes them into doing so but by then she resorts to drastic measures and usually goes into a dark state of her anger. Which most commonly leads to her blacking out.
Attractive : 7/10
Despite being covered with bruises and cuts, Ivory is fairly, or naturally pretty. She has an air of mystery about her that draws and intrigues those around her. But that doesn't mean she is the prettiest, most popular or has the best luck with the guys on campus. Ivory's down to earth qualities really bring her to other's attention.
Honesty : 7/10
Ivory tends to be blunt with her words, half the time she acts on impulse and says what she is thinking. Especially if there are those around her who won't. She's very outspoken in voicing things she finds right and wrong whether it be the best time for it or not.
Rule Abiding : 3/10
Being a bully means she is already not obeying Bullworth ways, not to mention she is always violating curfew, vandalizing things around the school-yard, and cursing to the extreme. There are times where she does show staff members and adults of Bullworth a good amount of respect, it just isn't often. Namely it has something to do with her dislike for authority.
Sociability : 6/10
Ivory tends to be selective about people she shows positive attention towards but it is known she will show attention to anyone good and bad.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: Ivory was sent to Bullworth based on the fact her mother wanted to transfer to a different Health Clinic that would pay much more and she didn't assume Ivory to attend school while she was away. Her last resort, boarding school.
Clique – Bullies
Standing and Rank in Social Circle - Regular Follower, fulfills tasks asked of her. However it is sometimes joked she is the second commander of the clique. These accusations are false.
Room Number – 4
Roommate(s) – Eunice Pound and Karen Johnson
Favorite Subject(s) – Shop
Why?: She enjoys the company of her small class, consisting of herself, Hal Esposito and Ricky Pucino.
Least Favorite Subject(s) – Gym
Why?: Not only because it’s an all girl class but she is always provoked by Mandy to get aggressive, rather it be swearing or pushing her in the pool.
Favorite Teacher – Mr. Galloway
* Namely because he allows her to limit which of the assignments she does, all though the other students get this privilege as well.
Least Favorite Teacher – Dr. Slwater
* Ivory grows frustrated she never finishes his class projects in time.


Language(s) - Modern English
Schooling Level – Junior (even though she takes two sophomore classes, due to failing them in her previous school)
Expertise - Art Foundations: Wall-Art
Chemistry - Lowest
Math - Lowest
English - Highest
Geography - Midst
Politics/Law – Lowest
Physical Education - Highest
Economy - Lowest
Cooking/Culinary - Highest
Shop - Highest
Botany/Biology - Lowest
Mythology - Midst
Art - Highest
Photography - Midst
Reading Level - Above average literacy level

Overall Intelligence Level(s) – Bodily-Kinesthetic

In theory, people who have bodily-kinesthetic intelligence often learn best by doing something physically, rather than by reading or hearing about it. Those with strong bodily-kinesthetic intelligence seem to use what might be termed muscle memory – they remember things through their body such as verbal memory.

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) - Trent Northwick and Hal Esposito

* Trent Northwick: He was the first one to welcome Ivory at Bullworth, unpleasantly by flirting, but it was just a way to start a conversation with her. When she tried to shoo him away he hung around to show her the school. A month later after small-talk when bumping into each other and observing Ivory’s constant hostility to the Nerds; he pretty much recruited her into the clique.
Out of all the Bullies she spends most of her time with Trent.

* Hal Esposito: She formed a friendship with Hal when he over-heard Mandy insulting her because her figure was “too thick”. To which provoked him to say a little meat on the bones never hurt anyone, it just looks healthier, and he couldn’t imagine how miserable Mandy was without the love of food to comfort her.

Friend(s) - The Bullies, Jimmy Hopkins, Zoe Taylor, and Ricky Pucino.

* The Bullies: No real explanation is needed, this is her main clique group, all her trust relies with them.

* Jimmy Hopkins: Both Jimmy and Ivory have a mutual understanding of each other, and share a lot of similar characteristics and likes.

*Zoe Taylor: Zoe is promptly the only girl who’s company Ivory can stand for a long period of time, though they don’t hang out fluently, they are both good friends with each other.

* Ricky Pucino: Their relationship is strictly based of an on and off attraction, Ivory always tends to pencil in any spare time she can with Ricky, even though it isn't as much as he would like it to be. The two of them tend to have bad timing when it comes to each other.
When she isn’t seen with the bullies she can most likely be seen with Ricky in the shop during school hours.

Hated Rivals

(remember enemies, not people she dislikes, these are students she has the most conflicts with)

Worst Enemies - The Nerds, Lola Lombardi, Mandy Wiles, Miss Danvers, and Kirby Olsen.

* The Nerds: She doesn’t like their "we are superior" attitude when it comes to comparing intelligence, also the Bullies main rival or easiest targets are the Nerds.

*Lola Lombardi: Ivory very much admires Johnny Vincent, in terms of being a good leader, much like how she admires Jimmy. So, seeing Lola’s shameless promiscuity annoys her to no end.

*Mandy Wiles: She does a fair share of picking on Beatrice to trying to pick on Ivory. Rather than get emotional about Mandy’s insults, much like Beatrice, Ivory will lash out and most presumably attack Mandy any time she's insulted by her.

*Kirby Olsen: Reflects the time Ivory spends with Trent as her being too needy and in this case of his jealousy he has started quite a few rumors about her.

*Miss Danvers: Miss Danvers mislead Ivory from the beginning of their first meeting and it only seemed to progess worse as the school year went on.

Intolerable Students – Constantinos Brakus, Sheldon Thompson, Damon West, and Christy Martin

*Constantinos Brakus: She is among one of the many girl’s he stalks at Bullworth, learning this Ivory won’t fail to toss a textbook or two at him.

*Sheldon Thompson: Ivory is easily annoyed by his cheerfulness and administrates giving him wedgies often.

*Damon West: When heading to the gym at any time he will approach her and directly get in her face about how she isn't allowed on their territory or exchange crude jokes with his friends.

*Christy Martin: Ivory’s dislike for Christy derives from her constant rumor spreading.

Harmless Acquaintances

Tolerated Students – Eunice Pound, Karen Johnson, Parker Ogilvie, Pinky Gauthier, Pete Kowalski, and Lefty Mancini.

(this doesn't mean she is "good" friends with any of these students, just that she isn't bothered by them)

* Eunice Pound: The extent to these two standing each other is Ivory feels bad for her constantly being made fun of, so she tries to keep her insults about the overweight girl to herself. Upon that they’re also roommates at the girl’s dorm.

* Karen Johnson: Her views on Karen are namely sibling admiration, they share some of the same interests and Ivory often prevents her from being bullied a lot. Karen is Ivory and Eunice’s, third roommate.

* Parker Ogilvie: Naturally disliking the Preps, Ivory seems to come to agreeable terms with Parker. Every time they cross paths their usually very courteous and will often stop to talk to each other.

* Pinky Gauthier: Ivory and Pinky manage to be at ease with one another's company.

* Pete Kowalski: Much like the other Bullies Ivory took no mercy on Pete until he offered her help in passing Chemistry. But before that she promised to no longer torment him after he unknotted her hair from the lab goggles when she fussed about them being too tight. Now on occasion they can be seen together studying or just walking to class.

* Lefty Mancini: When attempting to chase one of the preppies after she had been egged, Lefty offered his bike. This allowed her to initially ensure some grounds of trust with him and now they spend time together once every so often.

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions – Ricky Pucino and Trent Northwick

* Ricky Pucino: It has been noted they share similar feelings for each other but don’t embrace them in case it’ll destroy their friendship. All though there are times he will go out of his way to spend time with her and even defend her if the occasion calls for it.

* Trent Northwick: Again, they’re too much of friends to ever acknowledge each other in any romantic aspects, and Trent is with Kirby Olsen.

Crush(es) – None to recall.

Relationship/or/Involvement: Gary Smith

* Gary Smith: Both him and Ivory don’t get along very well or even talk much for that matter but, the based relationship of these two is very complex, they do not romantically respond with each other as a couple rather they benefit each other’s company. That is the complete extant of what they mean to one another.
They even openly admit to just using each other to benefit themselves.

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore: Omnivore
Favorite Food(s): Homemade Smothered Chicken w/mushrooms, onions, and gravy, Edna's Chili Dogs w/extra cheese, and Triple Cheese Burger Deluxe w/potato wedges meal from Burgers
Favorite Drink(s): Banana Pineapple Juice and Beam Cola
Disliked Food(s): Burnt meats, Pea Soup and Haddock Burgers
Disliked Drink(s): Carbonated or flavored water

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) – "Paradise" - Coldplay
Scent – Rose Water
Favorite Color: Light Pastel Greens, White, Pale Yellow, and Ash Black
Favorite Season: Early Spring and Winter
Favorite Animal: Panda Bears
Favorite Music Genre: Grunge, Alternative, Heavy Metal, and Soft Rock

Most Memorable Quote – "We are always looking for something better that we sometimes fail to realize that we already have the best. . ."

Various Quotes

Walking around –

“Wonder who said all that stuff about me...”
“Hopefully I’ll be asked soon...”
“I should skip Gym today...”
“Keep it together Ivory.”

When the fire alarm goes off –

“Nice, I'm missing my lighter…”

Greetings –

Good Terms
“(Insert character name here!)"
“Oh, it’s you!”

Bad Terms
“Get lost!”
“Stick my fist, you loser.”

Saying goodbye –

Good Terms
“We’ll chill sometime, alright?”
“I have to go, sorry.”
“See you around.”

Bad Terms
“I have better things to do with my time here.”
“Quit annoying me!”

When flirted with –

Good Terms
“A boy who knows what he’s doing, finally!”
“I'll bight.”
"Make me a good homemade dish and we'll talk."

Bad Terms
“Drop dead!”
“As if!”
“Doubt you could handle me.”

Watching a fight –
“You got it!”
“Shed some blood!”
“Let’s go kid!”

Attacking –
“You're going to regret this!"

While Fighting –
“Get out of my face!”
“Wow you looked a lot better from a distance.”

Chasing someone –
“I’m gonna end you!”
“I'm in the best shape of my life!”

Out of breath –
“Well aren't you just lucky.”

When hidden from –
“Kind of expected this from you…”

Knocked out –
“Just...don't check my pockets."

Stink bomb explodes –
- No dialogue just gagging.

The Characters Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)

(deleted characters could already be explained above or people the character doesn't interact with)


Davis White: “Ah ha, Davis is a good-guy, we do a little harmless flirting every now and then.”
Ethan Robinson: “I wish I had his energy, he keeps trying to petition karate classes at the school.”
Russell Northrop: “When I have the time I hang out at his house. He reminds me of my older brother.”
Tom Gurney: “Every time we’re at lunch I never fail to beat him for giving me a wet-willy. I still like Tom as a good friend.”
Troy Miller: “Eh. Just because we’re in the same clique doesn’t mean I find him interesting or even a friend, we fight allot. He thinks a girl being in the group kills the image.”
Wade Martin: “I have to laugh when he threatens Christy, nothing funnier than watching her cry.”


Johnny Vincent: “I really respect Johnny, we talk once in a great while. I just really want him to dump Lola. I think he deserves better.”
Peanut Romano: “I might be one of the first people to say this but he freaks me out sometimes with the way he talks. Not to mention I have a hunch he’s gone for Lola behind Johnny’s back. Some friend, huh?”
Vance Medici: “Vance and I fight a lot about stupid things that mostly end with a good laugh. Sometimes just to jerk his chain I’ll come up with some rhyming mocks.”


Casey Harris: “I'm honestly really intimidated to approach him on my own, usually I take Davis or Trent with me if I have to go to the gym or field for some reason.”
Juri Karamazov: “I see him running after Jimmy all the time, but other than that. I never talk to him…don’t really want to either.”
Ted Thompson: “Ted is pretty cute, but I’m not really one for dumb guys.”


Algernon Papadopoulos: “Between him and Melvin, I can’t determine which one of them is more annoying or disgusting.”
Beatrice Trudeau: “She tries to talk to me, a lot. It kind of grows annoying after awhile.”
Bucky Pasteur: “His run is pretty funny but hitting me with a ruler because I stole some of his G&G cards was a bit much. Wedgied him like you wouldn’t believe.”
Corneilus Johnson: “I can say I hate the nerds but a couple of times he’s tried to offer me lab notes and I didn’t even threaten him. He isn’t so bad.”
Donald Anderson: “The kid likes to run his mouth. He really needs to be taken down a peg.”
Earnest Jones: “I think any girl can agree with me that Earnest is a disgusting pig.”
Fatty Johnson: “Ugh, I have him in my Math class and he always sits beside me. That kid wreaks.”
Melvin O'Connor: “He calls me a wench whenever I go to check out a book and asked me to play in a game of grottos and gremlins. As if.”


Angie Ng: “I hate how she defends Christy when we fight, its none of her damn business.”
Melody Adams: “She’s cussed me out a few times, and for no reason.”
Pedro De La Hoya: “Ya know I don’t see him often. I gave him a swirly once and I think he’s avoided me ever since.”
Ray Hughes: “If I see him and Eunice holding hands, I’ll throw an apple at him for laughs.”


Bif Taylor: “Not much to say other than I’m sure Russell could take him down despite what the preps think.”
Chad Morris: “He hasn’t really done much to me. . .”
Derby Harrington: “Pft, you mean the money-bag with a bad come over? I’d rather not go into detail.”
Gord Vendome: “Heh. Gord is a funny guy, I don’t hang out with him or like him but he always has something good to say.”
Justin Vandervelde: “Eeh. He gives me the creeps just looking at him, and he’s one of those guy’s when you’re not even talking to him he’ll assume you are just to insult you.”

Opinion on faculty who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Peters: “I can relate to her a lot. Plus whenever I need an adults advice she’s where I go first.”
Mr. Galloway: “He’s my favorite teacher. I just wish he would be more confident in his work.”
Mr. Luntz: “The Janitor right? I’ve caught him talking to himself.”
Mr. Matthews: “I like his class, that’s about it.”
Mr. Wiggins: “I don’t really like that he’s given me six of my detentions and all in the first semester!”
Mrs. Carvin: “Don’t have a reason not to like her other than she lets the Nerds hide-out in the Library. She always recommends the best books though.”
Mrs. MacRae: “Whenever I have something wrong going on I see Gurney for some pain killers.”
Mrs Peabody: “I’m not really big on having our doors open at all times with her roaming the halls. I mean I don’t care but...never mind.”
Ms. Phillips: “She's so beautiful. I’m happy for her and Mr. Galloway.”
Neil: “Usually I don’t like his company. He's too cranky.”

Prefects – "I can say the same thing about all of them, they're pompous assholes. I do whatever I can to make them chase me around campus."

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth – (in alphabetical order)

Townies –

Duncan: “This guy is a crazy. Before we got along he gave me a hard time but I like pushing him around and raising hell.”

Edgar Munsen:
* Old Impression: “Edgar is another person I look up to, he’s a great leader, and a confident guy. I like that.”
*New Impression:" I hate him, I hate him with every bit of my being, he's a traitor and a sell-out!"

Gurney: “We have this love-hate relationship. He annoys the piss out of me by bragging himself up about getting with girls but when he isn’t talking and instead sharing a good toke, it’s a much better time.”
Omar Romero: “If I pass out he’s usually the one to carry me back to the academy, so I’ve heard.”
Otto Tyler: “I try to avoid Otto.”

Residents in the city of Bullworth – (that they know and converse with)

Betty: “She always does the best job on my hair. It’s a mess anyway she just makes it look nicer from time to time.”
Mr. Smith: "After learning what he's put his family through I can't stand the sight of him."
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