Borealis Region: Sharon Picture

Name: Sharon Arvenson

Age: 16

Birthdate: September 13th Virgo

Gender: Female

Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh

Occupation: Student

Type of Trainer: New

Favorite Type: Steel

Least Favorite Type: Poison


+Analytic|+Strong Willed|+Flexible|+Observant||-Unsympathetic|-Impassive|-Blunt|-Distant

Sharon is the sort who will sit back, watch as things go on and takes notes. She is very analytic and will rarely, if ever, go into a situation without a semblance of a plan or strategy. However, it is also because of these tendencies that she tends to be skeptical of people and will more than gladly be blunt even when the subject is not so light-hearted. She also seems to prefer keeping people at arm’s length. That being said, she isn’t against having to socialize. Sharon is also very strong willed, rarely losing sight of what she wishes to achieve. However, it is also because of this that she gets frustrated easily, especially when she feels likes she has failed. Furthermore, Sharon is a flexible person; while she does like when things go according to plan, having to change things on the run is not an issue to her.


Born to a biologist mother and a former Ranger father, Sharon has led a fairly normal life, raised in Snowpoint City. It was a quiet, cold life spent in the company of her family’s pokemon. Much of her time was spent with her older brother Shane, a rather rambunctious boy. In spite of the contrast between her and Shane, they got along quite well. However, as was seen down the line, Shane would head out on his own journey when Sharon was 12. Since that time, Sharon has continued with schooling and kept in contact with Shane, waiting for the day that she felt ready to head out on her own quest as well.

The opportunity would come sooner than Sharon would have anticipated.

A year ago, Sharon had caught wind of a study-abroad program for up and coming trainers. Successful candidates of the program would be sent out to Borealis for special training and be allowed to journey the region. This was it. This was the opportunity Sharon had been waiting for. In the weeks leading up to the program’s entrance exam, Sharon would diligently study and observe past battles. In order to pass the exam, she needed to make the greatest use of tactics.

The exam went well and Sharon would pass sufficiently. Now 16, Sharon has successfully enrolled in the study abroad program and has recently arrived at Situla Town, where she is to obtain her starter and begin exploring the lands of Borealis.

Inventory: TBA


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