RWBY: Team TROS Picture

Trey Azurite
Risuke Murasaki
Oddaine Inu
Vanya Seryy

First Years at Beacon Academy.


Here is some fanart-ish stuff I did for RWBY. I'm quite obsessed with the series right now and love every second of it. I decided to bunch up with a bunch of my friends to make RWBY OCs, and this has got to be one of the mandatory pieces of art that I make. I would upload the original outfits too if my Photoshop wasn't bugging out on me.

Incase you guys are wondering how it is pronounced, it is pronounced TROH-S. It's based of Greek Mythology about a king named Tros who ruled over Troy.

I hope you all enjoy it, I intend to finish it someday.

©Artwork is done by Ethan Letrong

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