Cassandra, the eternal liar Picture

"She stood on deck, just a tiny figure
Rigid and restrained, blue eyes filled with pain"

(Song by ABBA)

You see, I love ABBA, and that song, Cassandra, always intrgued me. I did a search on it and found out who it was... Cassandra in greek mythology was the daughter of some king. Apollo fell in love with her and taught her how to read the future. She, however, wasn´t in love with him, he was very mad so he put a curse on her: every time she saw the future and said it she wouldn´t be believed by others. That´s how she knew Troy was going to be attacked and nobody believed her. The song says
"Sorry Cassandra/I misunderstood/Now the last day is dawning/Some of us wanted but none of us could/Listen to words of warning" apologizing to Cassandra.

This is Cassandra, or at least my version of her. Though her eyes didn´t turn out how I wanted them, I still like the picture overall.

Wouldn´t it be awful to be condemned to lie?

Media: Charcoal, 0,5 mechanical pencil, slitghly retouched in Photoshop
Reference: Poser 5
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