Doodling Paris Picture

Not doing "Paris of Troy" because ya know, reasons! Another reincarnated Greek figure from mythology, but this time I did the mortal Paris of Troy. He just goes by Paris Troy, using "Troy" as a last name.

Anyways, the Trojan war came to be when Eris threw a fit because she wasn't invited to a wedding and to piss the other immortals off, she left a golden apple that said "To the Fairest" on it. Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite went into a tizzy over who was going to get and had a young shepherd boy named Paris judge who was going to get it. Athena promised battle strategy and Hera promised power, wealth, and more important shit like that. But Aphrodite promised him the fairest woman of all and he chose her. She kidnapped Helen (daughter of Zeus in swan form?) from Menelaus and gave her to Paris, making him prince and throwing the Greeks into a tizzy and the rest is history.

But the whole love for Helen thing was just a curse from Aphrodite, so I imagine, after he died the curse was lifted. He got bored of the Fields of Elysium and joined up with Eris after his fate strands were rewoven. He became a servant of Discord, hence the colors, and looks like he walked straight out of the music video for "Indulging Idol Syndrome". He hates Helen, loves causing trouble, set on world domination and finding Achilles. He also works for Kronos (or however you spell it, it's the same thing).

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