Elvish Centurion Picture

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time for some background info.

this is a High Elf Royal Guard. this is the female version in case u cant tell. just in case. the male version isnt all that different. i think the Greek/Roman look comes from my Mythology class. we just finished watching Troy. yep...........

they are the best at what they, combat. selected from the regular troops, they then receive even more training sharpening their skills to near perfection.
the guards defend Royalty, and Royalty only. this includes kings, queens, diplomats, etc. and at any one time there will always be 2 guards. one bears the spear while the other has a big tower shield. (ill draw that one soon) i choose blue as the main color because blue, to me, seems to be a defensive color. tell me whatcha think.

if anyone wants to use this for anything at all just tell me.

k everyone.
hope u enjoy.
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She leaned on her halberd, her eyes dark, her body weary with the exhaustion of a long day spent guarding the walls. On this evening, she added trepidation to her mental exhaustion. Word had been recieved from the border fortresses that the Orcish chieftains had declared war upon the civilized nations, word of the battle carried by an exhausted runner who had expired, bleeding and beaten, mere moments after gasping out his last breath on the finely woven carpets of the throne room.

In the distance, she could see the faint scarlet specks of the Orcish torches as they approached through the Keserinne Pass, could hear the soft, low thrum of their war drums sounding. She knew what it meant: Hightower Keep had fallen. She and her companions were the last barrier left between the barbaric hordes and the soft, green lands where her people - her family - made their homes.

There was a fresh edge on her halberd, and the archers around her all had full quivers and carried new bowstrings. Her Lord walked back and forth across the walls watching the horde approach, dressed in his armor: not the gilded ceremonial armor he wore for special occasions, but the battered suit of plate that he wore into battle. The mages and sorcerers bent over their tomes, muttering spells and cantrips by candlelight, weaving the keep and its defenders in layers of magical protection.

The elves of Tel'Anor were ready for war. Tomorrow morning, they would deliver the entire wrath of the People upon their foes like a powerful hammer blow.

She only hoped it would be enough.


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