Eris - Goddess of Discord Picture

Did this for a community challenge over at Crimson Daggers. Well I already had a sketch for her, but started over from scratch for the challenge.

When she wasn’t invited to the wedding feast the gods held for the nymph Thetis and hero Peleus, Eris took a golden apple and inscribed it with ‘to the fairest’ and dropped it in the middle of the feast. It caused a argument between Aphrodite, Athena and Hera about who the apple was meant for, which ultimately led to Zeus sending them off to Paris of Troy so he could act as a judge. The outcome of the Judgment of Paris resulted in the Trojan war, when Paris picked Aphrodite and got the world's most beautiful woman Helena in return.

I quite like trickster deities. And I had quite fun with this, feels like those weeks of mostly crunching studies paid of.
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