Introducing Me Picture

ahsusdhskbf IT"S MY NEW I.D. abduafgibdfus

I'm a girl with a guy's name. That is awesome. xD

~I listen to just about anything I like. Be it some old songs, mainstream, trailer music, ballet and folk dance? I'll listen to them. Just as long as it's my type. ^_^

~I read. A lot. I don't care if it's not for kids. I'm not that immature.

~ 9gag is awesome.

~ASOIAF= A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. It is an awesome series. Different from the normal fantasy. I adore it. And I'm a House Lannister supporter. XD

~I love mythology. Period.

~I'm a geek. I have the capacity to geek.


I love my short hair. xD I seriously have shirt like that. It says Troy Story, by the way. Really short shorts. ^_^ Throw in that hideous bag, too.

I also have three ballers. The first one says Dislike. The second: Hunger Games. The third: Siliman University, a college I want to study in.

And I seriously had SPQR tatooed (henna) on my forearm after reading Son of Neptune and learning Roman history in class.

Other notes: Christian, Filipino, Gay supporter

I just love the font style Courier. Don't you? XD

What do you guys think?
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