Legendary Warriors-Achilles Picture

This will be the first in a series of graphite drawings depicting warriors (fictional or real) that have inspired me through the years. I've always been drawn towards mythology (Norse, Greek, Japanese, etc...) and the characters that governed old lores. One is Achilles. Even before the film Troy came out, this dude has already been a favorite (second only to Mercury/Hermes, of course!). Joining the ranks of Perseus, Jason, Herakles/Hercules and Odysseus, Achilles' story fascinated me as a child, an almost invulnerable being with the exception of his heel that was not dipped in the River Styx, because it was that part of the leg that his mother was holding. (although for the life of me, I can't figure out why "mommy" didn't just immerse Achilles whole body...makes me think she didn't wanna get her hands wet. Haha!)

Okay, dunno if I'll still color this. Too much shading...maybe it'd be better left alone in this state.

Mechanical Pencil, 1.5 hours
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