Queen of Cups cv.1 Picture

Alright, please take it easy on me, this is my first time coloring something in photoshop and I kinda ran out of time for the background so it's slapped together and it looks like it. I'll probably fix it up later when I get a bit more experience.

The lineart was done by hand and took 1/10th of the coloring time which was 8 hours. *Aaaggghh*

So some info on my girl here(read at own risk of confusion):

This is the Queen of Cups who is represented by Helen of Troy, the Greek mythology character. Her story is a well known one and so I won't repeat it here.
The Suit of Cups is all about the development and maturation of the emotional self. As the Queen of Cups, Helen embodies the femine aspect of water, and can be seen as an image of the unconscious pursuing it's own goals.
Helen is often seen as a harlot because of the many lovers she takes, but she is also a strong woman who chooses her own lovers and gives herself to them wholeheartedly.
When she appear in a spead she can indicate a meeting with a person who will bring about change in the individuals understanding of their own desires and feelings.

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