Paris of Troy BW Picture

Funny, as interested in Greek mythology as I am, I really don't know the whole story of the Trojan war... I've started documentaries about it, but always find myself unable to finish watching them. However I did awhile ago purchase myself a copy of the video game Warriors of Troy, where I find myself taking the pleasure of "reenacting it" and I find Paris to be my favorite charactor to play as. I Also managed to finally watch the movie TROY with Brad Pit as "Achilles" and Orlando Bloom as "Paris". Yet again Paris was my favorite character. (I found him the most believable and truest to the actual story.) So I decided to draw little pretty boy Paris.

So little Princy-poo here based of what I read is supposed to be one of the most Beautiful Men in the world. And since Paris gave the Golden apple to Aphrodite The goddess of Love and Beauty (Fitting) she became his patron goddess and watched over him during the Trojan war. Also note that while Paris is not to advanced with his swordplay, however he was very skilled at the bow. So the Idea for this piece is that he has the Dove tattooed on his arm (Bird of Aphrodite) to guide his Arrow, and on his belly button is the Symbol of Aphrodite (found it Online, not even sure if it's legit,) to represent his allegence to her. The idea is that he is looking towards the Heavens after receiving her blessing and protection

Paris of Troy is not owned by me, he is owned by.......Homer?????
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