The Ancient Warrior of Wood Picture

AncientTroiamon エンシェントトロイアモン is an Ancient Plant Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Trojan Horse that was used by the Greeks against the Trojan in order to penetrate the city of Troy in Homer's The Illiads classic. He possesses the attribute of "Wood" (both wood and vegetation), and is one of the legendary "Ancient Warriors" that saved the ancient Digital World. AncientTroiamon is the largest of the Ancient Digimon, and his body is loaded with various mechanisms that allow him to display tricky attacks and movements. His abilities were later passed on to the "Plant Digimon"

Epeius Gimmick エペイオスギミック Simultaneously operates every gimmick throughout its body.
Surprise Cannon サプライズキャノン Shoots super-massive shells from the huge cannons in its mouth and chest.

The power AncientTroiamon possessed was corrupted by Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier and turned into the evil Spirits of Wood, Arbormon アルボルモン and Petaldramon ペタルドラモン. In my old manualscript, AncientTroiamon's Spirits were purified and now lives on in Takashi (Troy) Atsuko [link] who wields the Spirits of Wood to become Elfenmon and Elkmon.

This guy also took me a very long time to draw. Apparently, I suck at drawing gears and cannons, so some parts are not correct.

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