Odysseus, Stay With Me... Picture

Zutara Week - Day 5, Mythology

Presenting Zuko & Katara as Odysseus & Calypso!!!! XD

I read the Odyssey last year in English class, so this is my Odyssey meets avatar mythology pic. The idea came when :iconms-phantomdark: suggested that I draw them as Helen of Troy and Paris, then I started thinking on it more and decided that since Calypso had something to do with water anyways (I don't remember exactly) that myth would fit better. I wasn't looking forward to drawing today's, I knew the theme would be difficult, and it shows in the picture... course it doesn't help that I had an 8 hour drive down to Pennsylvania today. XD This whole image was made after arriving, and I know it's unimpressive, it was all I could muster. XD

So, anyways, as the story goes Calypso fell in love with Ody, and kept him on her island for 7 years (one of the longest side trips on his way home from... from... he was coming home from Troy, right?) Well, anyways, upon leaving he admitted that his wife could not compare to Calypso, but he had to return home anyways. Blah, blah... he's leaving. XD

So yeah.

Stare coming up tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I already know what I'm doing. XD
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