The Judgement of Paris Picture

Paris, also called Alexander, was the second son of king Priam and Hecabe of Troy. Previous to his birth Hecabe dreamed that she had given birth to a firebrand, the flames of which spread over the whole town. This dream was interpreted to her by her daughter Cassandra. It was said to indicate that Hecabe should give birth to a son, who should bring about the ruin of his home. Naturally, Priam wanted to protect his town, but as he couldn't kill his own flesh and blood, he exposed him on the nearby Mount Ida.

However the boy was found a shepherd, who took him home and brought him up as his own child, calling him Paris.

A few years later, when the sea goddess Thetis married the mortal man Peleus, all the gods were invited, save for of Eris, goddess of strife, since she was renowned for ruining parties.

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