Eris or Discordia Picture

This is a photomanipulation/painting that I did for a friend in #DAPensioners, the original photograph that I used is in her gallery (lusitana), and you will see there, that there was more than a little manipulation to be done to attain the full piece. She requested that I turn her into the Goddess of Greek Mythos known as Eris, who by the legend was the reason the Trojan War began in the first place (see Edith Hamilton's "Mythology" pg.86 I think), when she cast a golden apple amongst Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite as a prize to the most beautiful. The prince of Troy, Paris, was called upon to judge amongst the three goddesses, for the other gods had wisely declined to be judges to the contest. The Roman version is much the same, but as with all Romanization of Pantheonic Mythologies, they renamed Eris to Discordia. She is known as the Goddess of Discord and her symbol is either that of a Golden Apple or a Viper.
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