Teen Titans A-Z : Darkstar Picture

Darkstar [Robert Troy Long]

The Kingdom Come Revelations History:

The son of Donna Troy (formerly Wonder Girl and later Darkstar) and Terry Long.

The child of Donna Troy and ex-husband Terry Long (human guy) has died in current continuity and been an adult in another, possible future timeline. There, he was imbued with the power of all the Titan gods of Greek myth at birth and became the evil Lord Chaos, despotic ruler of the future Earth. Responsible for the creation of the time-displaced Team Titans, Lord Chaos's existence was ultimately averted in a story of time travel and alternative futures. Considering that in current continuity his mother, formerly known as both Wonder Girl and Troia, was this planet's Darkstar (an intergalactic police force), it seemed perfectly logical that he might assume that role one day. This frees Donna Troy to return to her Amazonian origins and provides a new, heroic future for her once darkly-destined son. To include a touch of his mom's mythological Greek connection, I adapted his Darkstar chest emblem to resemble the Caduceus, the staff carried by the god Hermes (also used as the symbol for medicine), whom he resembles.

.....Soooo yeah....Future Titans...From Kingdom Come...uh...It is what it is (hates it)
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