TRoY: Blood Brothers 1 Picture

Page 1 of an 11 page short that covers how Odin and Loki became blood brothers. Despite the Norse myth basis, this is a Muudian story, so don't expect it to follow myth closely.

I've wanted to make an online comic for years, but honestly, I don't know how and sitting down to do an entire story has put me off. So, still inspired by the Thor film, I grabbed a basic idea I had for a prologue of a larger story ("The Roots of Yggdrasil," which will probably never be written) and forced myself to punch out an outline. I then scribbled out the thumbnails at work in a crappy spiral notebook. Here's the result. Hopefully I can get the others up without too much delay.

My inexperience is glaringly obvious (the text, the bold b&w contrast with a shady inset, etc), so I ask a little indulgence, but that doesn't mean I won't welcome suggestions or concrit!
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