Why Herc Can't Get Dates Picture

I actually saw a fanart on this Hercules fansite where the artist made fun of the relationship between Hercules and Helen. For those who don't know Helen, she was in the animated TV series of Hercules, she was the popular blonde girl whom every guy wanted to date, she mostly goes as Helen of Troy, I mostly liked her because she was voiced by Jodie Benson aka Ariel. But in the series there were moments that Herc kind of had a crush on Helen, but according to Greek Mythology, Hercules and Helen are both children of Zeus which makes them half-siblings, yeah I doubt they ever mentioned that in the series! Oh and the idea about the title is that if Herc dates a girl, chances are she might be his sibling because of Zeus' ways, sick I know! So this comic just kind of makes fun of that concept, enjoy!
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