Rome and Troy *Read Desc* Picture

Okay. So basically I've been wanting to make a Hetalia OC that was actually a country, and not just some love child of an OTP of mine. Sooooo I took something I was interested. Troy.
He's supposed to look like Turkey but not too much. In colour he looks much less like Sadiq though...One way you can tell he's related to Turkey is the little curls at the bottom of his hair. He has two.
He's called 'Uncle' because...well, because my friend is contradictave and won't decide whether he's Turkey's dad or grandfather. So for now, he's just Uncle Troy.

For a quick Bio of him-
Name- Achilles (Respectively^^)
Hair- Dark/Medium brown.
Eyes- Green/Brown. Depends on lighting.
Skin-White/ Somewhat tanned
Height- A tad shorter than Rome.(as seen in the picture.)
Age- Too lazy to look in my notes on the place. I'll ask my Latin teacher again tomarrow, maybe.

As for his attitude, basically he's got a temper like Turkey's except it doesn't show as much. He's alot more easygoing. Although he still lives up to his violent history, he still knows how to party.(quote from a friend XD)

And one last thing....DON'T ASK ABOUT THE SHIRTS XD While i was drawing this a stupid trojan condom commerical showed on my TV. Thus that shirt idea was born. But Rome can't go without a pervy t-shirt! So if you squint, Rome's shirt can be perverted too. Don't get it? Read Roman/Greek Mythology. Mostly the same situations anyway.^^
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