Improvement Meme Helen of Troy Picture


i was feeling a bit down and out and wanted to see if i have improved. My conclusion? thank goodness yes XD (knockonwood)

thank u all for posting on my journal and giving advice. Unfortunatly i tried all ur suggestions and they did not work. It took me another 2 hours of messing around to figure it out

The first Helen of troy i was inspired to do after a history channel episode on her, how she probably looked and why she was considered such a beauty. It was so much fun to watch all of the greek episodes, and the helen of troy one was very cool.
Most greeks would have a more carmel color tone to their skin at birth, but it was believed that helen probably had very pale skin, a very rare and eye catching trait back in those times. In my pic she is wearing her im-going-to-seduce-you-and-steal-everything-you-hold-dear outfit. Most people picture ancient greeks in white, and while the poorer population did wear some white, color existed everywhere in their lives, from their clothes to their painted temples and statuary. And seeing how helen was married to a king and eloped with a prince, she could certaintly afford more colorful clothes. I love drawing her XD She knows how to use her sexiness, for better or worse.
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