Daughter of Troy Picture

I had an idea for a self portrait. Apparently I need major inspiration or a teacher ordering me to do a self portrait for me to do one, and I'm rarely ever happy with them. This one I think came out nice, but that may be because it doesn't look exactly like me. Close enough. Mom says it does if I wear makeup.

The point of this picture, if there really was one, was to kinda poke fun at all the Troy stuff that's started because of the movie (the Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom movie coming out in May that all us fangirls are waiting impatiently for). My high school just happens to have been called Troy, so I had a little fondness for it, not to mention how I love mythology stuff. So I'm showing off my official Daughter of Troy card. (Would have been so much easier had I been able to find my actual student card, but it has poofed.)

I don't know how long I worked on this. I drew it in pencil, made nice pencil lines, scanned it and got to coloring. I liked bits of it without the lines, so I decided to attempt to make it line free. What a pain. But I think it looks nice, so I guess it was worth it. I did have a couple references (me, of course, for the pose [for the most part] and parts of the lighting, and one of Helen of Troy to help with the dress) which helped so so much. I wish I had references more often, but I don't so pout.

I was totally out of steam when it came to do the background, so yay gradients. Maybe I'll do a better one later, but I wanted to get this done and up.

Me (c) Me! (Duh)
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