Ancientalia x Mythology : Roma and Carthage Picture

a..I miss spell the word Mythology. Please never mind it, it was late. I wasn't planning on stayed up, but I did.

I blame Virgil, he did this.

I also have a thought, that maybe Rome hasn't even reach his prime when he killed Carthage. (of course he hasn't he's not even an empire yet.) But the fact that he just killed an empire/nation would have scared the shit out of him. Because it means that he can also die or be killed, too.

Now.......the part about being Troy's son is beyond unlikely I don't even want to quote it. but it's so cool. XD So this would be more like Rome's fantasy and story he tell people rather than the truth.

Virgil can do it, I can do it too, you know?

I wonder what mother Greece think of this.
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