Genbu Picture

Genbu is a mysterious Black Warrior who resides in the nether dimension behind the great Vovin Crystal Xuan Wu, the most powerful body of Orichalcum ever noticed. He might have contacted the mighty Telchine-Akh hybrid Khnum, or even the great Vovin king Asirai, who detained the crystal for the most time, until Cerberus ultimately defeated him.

Typhon claimed the crystal after Cerberus' victory, but the dormant entity hasn't been awaken until the year of 5017 a.X (after Centzonmimixcoa), after the event which lead the Island of Arimos to sink in the Mediterranean Sea, as the god Dis Pater (who came to be Stone, known as Huo for most) sought savagely for the Scissor Trident hidden within the heart of the island.

From that day forward, Typhon could contact the entity through his mind, even though his amazing power couldn't be well understood for its user, since Genbu speaks in an ancient, unknown language (and often in a bad mood).
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