Mystery Boy Naga Picture

Lol the title is a pun of
This took ages to do. I've probably been working on him for 2 weeks now. I haven't put that much into initially creating a character before. The first step in this process was looking up nagas. All I knew was that they came from Indian mythology and that I was going to base him off
I scrapped the good guy image, but kept one aspect of him. The triton he would use to summon the waters and a tattoo design I had found while googling for "hena male tattoo" [link] After getting a grip on what type of a personality he'd be, the main part of the design came pretty quickly. It was just his sash,triton,cape,and hands that took eons to decide on.

I'm thinking of giving him the indian coloring with reddish brown skin and black hair, making his eyes purple, and his tale orangey red. Oh of naming him Arnav [link] Oddly enough, when I went to a name site and typed in the meaning ocean that was the first name to come up. Right gender and right origin too. Kinda creepy
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