Ixtab Xiu Picture

Name: Ixtab Xiu
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Home: Blackthorn City
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Accessories: Feathers worn in her hair, sometimes wears different types of headwear that obscure the scarred half of her face.
Other: Ixtab has a history of severe depression and self-harm and has tried on multiple occasions to kill herself. Her face is partially scarred from throwing acid on her face, during a schizophrenic episode. She has multiple personalities.
Pokemon: Triton [Kingler], Goliath [Dusclops], Cronus [Golem],Oceanus [Swampert], and Erebus [Scizor]

Mythology: Ixtab is also known as 'Rope Woman', is the Mayan goddess of suicide. In Mayan culture, suicide by hanging is considered an honorable way to die, and the person committing suicide would be accompanied by Ixtab to paradise.
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