Triton C-II magazine ad Picture

This is the ad for a school project in which we must make a product and give it ads, package designs, brochure info, and 3D renderings of the product. My product is a simple one, but is guarenteed to sell to quite a lot of people!

A computer CPU!

Really think about it, a simple and small object, but everyone; almose every company uses them every day! The term Triton is unique for this product:
1. Triton, if people do not know is a name for the "god of the water," no no, not the one from little mermaid, I mean the real triton from mythology. He used of course a large trident which made him quite powerful. The trident is the trademark for the Triton C-II.
2. The CPU, in a false sense (since it is not real only made up) is able to withstand vast amounts of energy and heat, so the computer does not have to shut off to cool down.

Anyways heres the magazine ad I made for this product!
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