Remember when it Rained Picture

Just something for another story I'll whip up.

The girl with the red hair is Princess Diana, goddess of the Atlantic.
Of course the man with the crown, white beard and triton is Poseidon, her father who's royally pissed obviously.
And the guy with the black hair is Eric, an American fighter pilot in the war.

Set back in 1942, Eric's plane crashed and the English battleship rescued him. He had to stay on the ship till they could reach a port, which they couldn't for a long time. Fleeing from a Nazi ship, they enter a storm. Eric's helping the men secure everything down when he realizes that he's alone. He turns, hears a gun shot, feels a kick to his body and he's thrown over board.
Diana see's him, but she doesn't really want to help him out, something she vowed to herself never to take pity upon them because it happens frequently. But as she comes closer, she feels something stir the black pit within her and she pulls him from the water and back to her island.
Eric is practically dead when she starts to heal him and the only way to do that is to lend him her life force. They don't get along very well either once he comes too.
She helps nurse him back to health, and he becomes interested in everything he doesn't know about her. He decides that he wants her to teach him how to use the ancient weapons she had. He gets his butt kicked, but he slowly gets the hang of it.
He needs to get back to the battleship (which is in the middle of nowhere) and she reluctantly helps him, again. Once he gets on board, he discovers that the ship had been overrun by Nazi's.
The Germans quickly detain the both of them, though, nervous of this woman with him who speaks their language. Following the tale that women on ships are bad luck, they lock her down under while they torture Eric for information.

They both swear none will survive the night.


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