Ariel a la Moi Picture

So I'm trying to teach myself to draw as I'm thinking about going into Art Direction here at NCSA, and drawing is a rather helpful skill in that case you haven't noticed. I've been just trying to draw forms lately and I got back to the dorm today and looked on the dvd rack and was like LITTLE MERMAID!!! So I drew this getting most of her torso from the cover of the new platinum edition dvd case and from another picture I found that helped me see a little better how to situate the shells. The tail I had to improvise. Mainly because I thought it needed more structure than they give it in the movies. But I understand, it's cheaper to draw the smoother line. Calf muscles and ankle bones are 'spensive. Even though mermaids shouldn't have ankle bones I like the idea. I think that the point of Mermaids is that they are impossibly human...but fish. So it just adds to the pure mythology of it all. So, here's to improving my drawing skills.

NOTE: This is a pencil drawing just done in the cover of my sketchbook for decoration. I am a poor college student and have no scanner. This picture was taken in photobooth on my mac. and cropped. I filtered it in photoshop to bring out the edges some more as I couldn't get rid of all of the erasure marks that make it so hard to see on the computer. I apologize but this is the best I can do.
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