my mythological sketch posse Picture

i found all of these symbolic creatures and amulets in a dorsley-kingsley-parsley-something explanatory picture album. the album was about religion and superstition throughout all times, and of course i had to copy all those pretties i found visually delicious - before returning it to the library. stay tuned and watch the next episode as the riaa persecutes me - or does it?

from upper left corner:
a decorative knight from a nineteenth cenury fairy tale
on his purple robe, a heraldic memo to self - the symbols added to the arms of the offspring of a knight's loins (the firstborn gets a bar, the second gets a crescent moon, the third gets a star, the fourth a heraldic sparrow (lucky bastard) and the fifth a cock ring of some sort)
next, moving to the right: a triskel of running legs (my favourite!); a stylized elephant carrying a crown (which i isolated from a picture of a david's star); next, a buddhistic praying sea shell connected to a fancy neck tie
the upper right corner filled with a hebrew lulav (the green stuff).
the brown dragony creature with his ass touching a skull is an alchemic ouroboros.
then a chestnut coloured japanese weather demon striking his drum every time there's a thunder in the sky; underneath a black griffon; a biedermeier artefact of a glass globe placed on a black wave; saturn depicted as the sol negro, then another buddhist knick-knack; the alchemic snake of arabia holding the moon and a tripled sun; an aztec frog and finally, a medieval jewelry triton blowing a sea shell.

don't you just love mythology? it's the bomb, i find!

usual watercolors. all critique most welcome!
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