Theseus - Dark Omens Picture

I keep making these myth inspired ilustrations. This time it`s Theseus. I wanted to place the character in an especific point in time - according to his stories. That point being in the end of his tales after all the struggles when he is sailing home.

Why "Dark Omens"? Because as anyone who have read his tale knows it`s not a happy ending. This was one of the first tales I read from Greek Mythology that gave me the observation that these for the most part were not fairy tales. Keeping in touch with the subject, those omens are hinted over the picture. From the spoils of victory he would never make use of, to the crows flying over his ship, which in this kind of mythology were omens themselves for unnatural cliffchangers.

Toolset l
Blue pencil layout
Pitt pen inks
White Wash

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