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This is my oc for a Professor Layton fanfic I'm writing on my Deviant art account called, 'Stubborn Mind'…

It's an eventual Descole/OC fic (Since I have barely seen any fiction where Descole gets love. From the opposite gender, excluding Emmy), and obviously it will have spoilers for games though not straight off the bat.

I just figured I'd do a profile here, and show the outfits Elaine will be noted to wear in the series. The first is her excavation dig cloths in Specter's Flute, which I think she looks cute in. The second is the outfit Descole gives her to wear during Eternal Diva (Which I'll admit was a little inspired by an outfit I saw on the Sims3 store). The third is just her work clothes in the London Museum while the last is just some casual wear for Miracle Mask and Azran Legacy. Though I'll try and fix her feet so it'll be more clear she's wearing sandals and not socks.

If you decide to give my story a chance, I hope you'll enjoy it.

Name: Elaine Hawthorne

Japanese name: Erein Hōsōn

Age: Late twenties to early thirties

Nationality: French

English Voice Actor: Monica Rial

Voice Sample:… (Skip to 0:37)

Japanese Voice: Yū Asakawa

Voice Sample:…


· Puppy *Descole

· Ellie *Philippe (Brother)

Description: Choppy light brown, shoulder length hair held back in a low ponytail, blue eyes. A light skin tone and an average height. She also tends to wear a short, light blue scarf no matter what her outfit is. Born French, she is fluent in the language and learned English when she was young, though occasionally uses French words and she has a light accent.


· Christophe Hawthorne (Father)

· Anne Hawthorne née Béze (Mother)

· Philippe Hawthorne (Older Brother)

· Madeline Béze (Cousin)

Occupation: Archaeologist/Museum curator

Personality: Elaine is passionate about her work, and determined towards it. While she can usually be a friendly enough person, she can be stubborn, almost guaranteed when work is involved, and can be defiant if she feels put into a position she feels someone is trying to force her to do something. She can also be frustrated when a mistake that shouldn’t have been made has been though she tries not to show it. She also seems to be fairly intelligent and witty.


Elaine Hawthorne was born in the Burgundy region of France (Near to a small town according to Elaine) to her parents and older brother Philip. When she was eleven, her older cousin Madeline moved in with them after the death of her single mother. At some point, Elaine’s interest in archaeology was first risen when she went into an old building when it started raining as she walked home from school and found a Celtic broach which she would keep as a memento. When Elaine was fifteen, her father’s job was transferred to England leading to the entire family to move as well.

While her college is never named in the game (She confirms that she did not attend Gressenheller), her main study of focus was archaeology. Sometime during her first year, her interest was captured by the Azrans and took great pleasure in studying them during her college years, even going so far as to study the Azran glyphs which took her six years to master.

After graduating college, Elaine worked her way up in the London Museum to be one of the curators, but often went on excavation digs when possible.

News of the Golden Garden was too tempting for her to ignore, Elaine went to Misthallery to on the excavation dig and would soon be the only one to remain due to the Specter attacks and the rest of the team becoming more disillusioned with the dig. Elaine would stay though due to her stubborn nature.

And this nature would lead her to meet Jean Descole.



· “I don’t think I need to tell you my name or reasons. However, I may part with my name if I receive your own in return.” “Elaine Hawthorne. Now your’s.” – Elaine first meeting Descole.

· “As for it not coming ‘ere, to be ‘onest I’m beginning to wonder if we’ve been digging in the wrong place all this time.”

· “’Ow’s that common sense?! I don’t want to be kidnapped!”

· “I guess I’m a petulant child, disguised to be older.”

· “I’m not lying. I translated. Just like you wanted me to.”

· “Do I even want to know what this game is? From what you’re describing, I already feel dread for whoever’s participating.”


· According to Elaine, she and her cousin Madeline look similar but are still easy enough to tell apart.

· She was third best on her college’s kick boxing team.

· Descole refers to Elaine as ‘puppy’ on occasion since he finds her angry expressions more akin to a disgruntled puppy, much to Elaine’s chagrin.

· Elaine’s surname comes from the hawthorn tree. In flower language it means hope. It also comes from the Greek word ‘kratos’ meaning ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’.

· Elaine’s name means ‘shining light’ in both French and Greek. It derives from the name Helen. In Greek mythology when she was young, Helen of Sparta was kidnapped by Theseus, king of Athens, and Pirithous, king of Larissa.

· Elaine has mentioned that she likes jazz music.

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