Hercules Picture

He is Heracles, best known as Hercules. One of the greek mythology heroes, famous by his superhuman force. He is the version from the videogame Glory of Heracles. He is an immortal, amnesiac boy who is accompanied by the characters Leucos, Axios, Theseus and Eris on their journey to remember their pasts and to discover why they are immortal. Throughout the plot, Hercules' stories become intertwined with other mythological figures and events such as Achilles and the Trojan war. The Taphus, an invention designed by Daedalus, is a recurring plot device which was punished by Zeus for extracting Ether from the world.

Ok. For much of you it's pretty rare that this image of the mythical hero is different to the usual, but not always will be a guy with a Scwarzennegger-like style, or a guy like the one from the Disney's 1997 animated film...

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