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Roleplaying with Rory:
She's available for regular or counselor rps through chat, comment, or notes. And this is her tumblr if you wish to rp there.

Name: Aurora "Rory" Anders
--Prefers to be called by her nickname rather her whole name.
Age: 19
Birthday: June 11th - Gemini
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 124 lbs. Slenderly-curvy, flexible, and light; Easily picked up.
Race: Demigod
Sex: Female
God Parent: Apollo - God of of Music, Healing, Plague, Prophecies, Poetry, and Archery; Associated with light, truth and the sun.
Mortal Parent(s): Hannah Anders (Mother)
-She a woman of Native American & African American descent (Black), who works as a neurosurgeon in a very busy hospital. She has made a point in teaching Rory all about first aid and how to practice basic care procedures.She is also clear-sighted (can see through the mist). She said nothing to Apollo about this before he told her, though, but kept it to herself until he became comfortable enough to reveal himself to her.

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

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