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Pronunciation Guide
I don't know how Greek pronunciation works (yet) but here's a rough guide. There are lots of variations, but if you have no clue this might help.
Aegeus: EE-jee-us
Delphi: DEL-fye

Would have finished this earlier but yesterday my wrist hurt (well, not 'hurt', it just feels weird. I don't think trying to decide if the bump on my wrist was a cyst or a bossing helped me psychologically or physically, either.) Also, I was busy exercising my democratic right.
You may have heard that Canada is now a dictatorship. This is pretty much true. -___- The problem with our system is that a lot of people (myself included) don't feel like their votes count. Of course they don't count when we have 40% voter apathy. Just as bad, even though 60% of the people who voted did so AGAINST them, the conservatives still won. >_<
Still, Jack is the leader of the opposition and the green party got ONE SEAT for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY so yay?

Enough politics and me being utterly disgusted with my country right now, hahaha.

NOTE: The date is just a rough year within the bronze age. I saw a timeline that placed the beginning of the story around 1270 BCE or so, but really, it doesn't matter. The only thing I want to convey with the dates is that it was a long time ago.
A lot of the mythology of heroes is said to take place in Greece's Bronze Age, called 'The Age of Heroes' by Hesiod. (Hesiod went on to say that we currently live in the Iron Age of the human race and he would rather have been born in any other age because we suck epically. Not very optimistic people, the Greeks.)

SO YEAH. This is mythological bronze age Athens. Since this is mythology and his own 'recollection', he is actually a lot older than I would have made him historically... maybe. I consider him an older child or a young preteen during this stage: the Dark Ages that follow are his angsty teenage-y puberty years where he's too depressed to remember how to even write emo poetry. XD Then at the beginning of the Archaic age he becomes an artsy hipster fighting for democracy and stuff. And so on. But we'll get into that during the main story line.
Since he's a personification I want to make it a little difficult to tell his age. Just consider him younger than he is now. XD HE HAS LONG HAIR OMG.

...He is such a xenophobic little drama llama, eh?

And now for a little snippet of the myth behind the comic...
[Aegeus went to see the Oracle at Delphi to ask whether he was going to have a son or not. The oracle cryptically said: 'Do not loosen the bulging mouth of the wineskin until you have reached the height of Athens, lest you die of grief'.
Aegeus didn't get it at all and was pretty disappointed.
However, on the way back to Athens he stopped in Troezan. If you look at a map of Ancient Greece and you're saying "What? Troezan isn't on the way to Athens at all!!" I think the explanation is that Greece is a very mountainous and unforgiving landscape: It's easier to go from Delphi to Troezan and then sail back to Athens from there. XD I could be wrong. Maybe Aegeus wanted to spend some bro time or something.
Anyway, Aegeus's friend Pittheus understood the prophecy perfectly... If you want to know what happened, I'll leave it to you to look it up. COME ON I'M ENCOURAGING YOU TO LEARN, KIDS.]

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