Domare delle Acque Picture

In 1732 Pope Clement XII ordered the construction of the Fontana di Trevi, the largest fountain in Rome. Taming of the waters (domare delle acque) is the theme of fountain which tumbles forward, mixing water and rock work and filling the small square, the Piazza di Trevi, which it dominates. It was built after a design by Gianlorenzo Bernini and was not completed until 1762. The Pope decided that the public should foot the bill for it by increasing the tax on wine. As a result he became known as "Papa Gabella" (the Taxing Pope).

The central figure of the Baroque fountain is Neptune, the Roman god of the sea (sculpted by Pietro Bracci). He is riding a chariot in the shape of a shell, pulled by two sea horses (hippocamps), each guided by a Triton. In Roman mythology, Neptune was quite the womanizer. One of his most infamous affairs involves his sister, Demeter, Olympian goddess of the harvest. Neptune pursued Demeter who, although first resisted his advances, eventually submitted to him. The pair united, Demeter in the form of a mare and Neptune in the form of a horse, and became the parents of Arion, the god of horses and Despoena, the goddess of fruit. Amongst his other lovers was Aethra (a mortal woman, the mother of Theseus), Amphitrite (a Nereid or sea goddess), Medusa, and Tyro (another mortal woman).

Here is a cool closeup of the horse and Triton in full sunlight by cjameson : [link]
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