The Argonauts Picture

Here is my Argonaut Crew. From front to back Left to right. Jason, Leo (my OC), Hercules, Castor, Pollux, Theseus, Argus, Atalanta, Orpheus, Iolaus, Calais, & Zetes. Medea is part of the crew but the look I like for her belongs to Genzoman Link >>…
The Argonauts Voyages takes place after Hercules’ Labors, The Calydonian Boar hunt, & Theseus’ entrapment in the underworld & Marriage to Former Amazon Antiope (after Hercules set him free). Because of the kidnap of Helen (when she was 7) & in return the forcing of Aethra to become her caretaker in retribution. The Gemini Twins & Theseus didn’t get along at first. But Leo & Hercules were able to make peace. It was Explained Helen was never hurt & was now safely home & that no one in Sparta was hurting Theseus’ Mother & she was safe she was just being Helen's Caretaker to pay off the debt of the kidnapping.
This goes more with one of the stories (believed to have been written before the more famous The Argonautica) in it Atalanta & Theseus are part of the crew & Hercules stays throughout the whole mission & there was no Hylas (Pretty much in mine Herc’s Nephew Iolaus takes Hylas’ place on the crew)

Leo belongs to me & everyone else is free domain
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