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I'm gonna go see THOR any minute now so if I suddenly cut off midsentence it's because my dad is yelling at me so yeeeeeah

Oedipus: ED-ih-puhs. EVERYONE has heard of the Oedipus complex, even if you have no idea what it's called or who Sigmund Freud is. Come on, everyone's had that one creepy high school English teacher who tries to make everything you read sexual.
...No? Just me? -sigh- I hate when that happens.
She'd also come up behind me like a ninja and softly touch my shoulder and I would flinch. It's a miracle I managed an 80%


Okay so it was probably stupid to compare it on the same level as LOTR but it was still pretty frickin' awesome.
There was the line "Quick! Get me a linguist!" so my dad is like "IT'S A SIGN YOU SHOULD BE A LINGUIST"

Anyway I can't imagine Athens thought it was an honour to be the only city that wouldn't reject Oedipus at all... Hahahaha. But I think he would look back on it fondly after such great plays were written on the subject. In my mental head canon timeline of stuff and also formspring, Athens right now is still another twenty years at least away from stuff like Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone and what not. And like about a hundred years from all the stuff the Greeks are known for too. At the time of this recollection Socrates has barely been born. XD
I swear I have a one note file where I'm compiling time lines like this.

BUT YEAH there was a prophecy that the city with the bones of Oedipus could not be taken in battle. Ooohhh Athens.
It's not that he doesn't have any sympathy for the guy, I think maybe he'll have some time to sit and talk to him and maybe a few hundred years later say 'dude that would be a great idea for a play I better tell my bro Sophocles' XDD
My dad found a copy of the Theban Tragedies (which I've gone and lost damn it) but once I find them and finish the second book of Percy Jackson I'll be able to read them. XD From the excerpts I've seen in my mythology textbook it seems to me that once you get past the eeeewwww Freud bits its a very profound story about fate.

Damn it Freud why do you have to ruin perfectly good stories all the time. There's enough sexy time in mythology without your input thanks.

Poor Thebes. He gets all the saddest stories. Athens is always making fun of him but I guess he got a bit of revenge in the end...
Oops, historical spoilers. XD

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