Dionysos - god of wine Picture

Dionysos the Greek god of wine and extacy.

His symbolic animal is the leopard, and he was often followed by his Baccantes, faithful women who - just like him - loved to party and quite often overdid it. Those Baccantes followed him everywhere, but he has one lady of his heart.

She was Ariadne, former Cretan princess and beloved of Theseus of Athens whom she helped outwit the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur. To "thank" her Theseus dumped her on the island of Naxos and sailed off.

There Dionysos found her in tears, comforted her and ended up falling in love with her, and brought her with him to Olympos.

And in my picture Dionysos and Ariadne is enjoying a lazy afternoon in the couryard of their private home at the Olympos.

Created in DAZ 3D
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